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USB to ALDL Cable


Plug your laptop into the ALDL port of your 82 to 95 GM computer controlled car or truck and see what is happening under the hood. Use as a scan tool. 

Compatible with GM OBDI data streams that use the 8192 Baud, Pin M protocol AND 160 Baud Pin E protocol.  The cable may be ordered with the 12 pin connector shown here, the 94 & 95 16 pin connector, or with universal bare pins.

12 Pin versions have built in the 10K ohm resistor required by some ECMs.  The resistor can also be switched off if needed.

USB to ALDL Cable comes with 5' USB extension cable, and Driver/Software CD.

This cable is compatible with programs such as WinALDL and TunerPro RT.

Use it with your Android device - Works with ALDLdroid!

ALDLdroid sold separately - Check compatibility with your android device before purchasing.

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What is needed to monitor my engine?
There are 3 things needed to access the diagnostic data stream from a GM based On Board Diagnostic 1 ( OBD1 ) system on your 1982 - 1995 car or truck.
1 - A laptop PC with an available USB port
2 - This ALDL to USB cable
3 -
 A software program running with the correct stream definition for your car or truck


Q - Will this cable work with my 94/95 3800 OBD1.5?
A - Yes it will.  GM used 12 pin OBD1 type and 16 pin OBD2 type connectors on 94 & 95 vehicles.  Make sure you order the cable that fits your cars connector.

Q.- Will this work with my 94-95 6.5 Turbo-Diesel?
A - Yes it will however you will have to download and use GMTD Scan Basic (free) or GMTD Scan Tech ($) from

Q - Does this cable include the 10K ohm A-B resistor needed on many 12 Pin 160 Baud ECMs?
A - Yes it does.

Q - Can I disable the 10K ohm A-B resistor?
A - Yes the 10K resistor can be switched off on the 12 Pin version.

Q - Why would I want to disable the resistor?
A - On a few select ECMs the 10K O resistor is not needed for the data flow but does alter the idle speed and timing.  On MOST ECMs the 10K ohm resistor either does not affect the ECM operation, OR the 10K ohm resistor is needed for data flow.  If you have questions on the 10K ohm resistor contact me.

Q - Can I get a version of the 16 pin cable with the switchable 10K O resistor?
A - No, GM never required the 10K ohm resistor on the 16 Pin OBD1 vehicles and thus my 16 Pin cable has none.

Click HERE to download the driver software CD

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