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Back Up Light Switch - 5 Speed 85-88

Fits ALL 5 speed Manual Transmissions

$20 plus tax/shipping

Shipping Location - Price including shipping

Speedometer Buffer

Connects the the 4000 PPM output of the ECM/PCM to the Fiero speedometer
$20.00 shipped

GM HEI / 4.9 Tach Buffer

Shapes the Tach signal coming from GMs HEI distributor to solve compatibility problems with the Fiero Tach


3800 ICM harness 

$25 + shipping
Connects to the Crank Postion Sensor, the Cam Position Sensor, the ICM and the Engine Harness via the 8 pin connector

87-88 4 cylinder ECM Tray

$37 Shipped to US addresses

Tunerpro RT 87-88 2.5 Fiero ADX definition file - Right click this link and use "Save As"- 87-88_2.5.adx
47.5 KB

Looking for the 87 - 88 TunerPro .ADX definition?  Here it is.  Right click and "Save As"

87-88 2.5.adx
47.5 KB
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