Red Devil River
Serial to 12 Pin ALDL Cable


Plug your laptop into the ALDL port of your 82 to 93 GM car or truck and see what is happening under the hood. Use as a scan tool. 

Compatible with GM OBDI data streams that use the 160 Baud Pin E protocol.  

NOTE - This cable is not compatible with the 8192 Baud Pin M protocol. If your data stream is Pin M, our USB version is compatible.

NOTE - This cable is for laptops with built in Serial ports.  If you don't have a Serial Port on your laptop you should consider the USB version of the cable instead. 

Not sure what your OBDI data stream is?  Check here

USB to ALDL Cable comes with 3' Serial extension cable, and Driver/Software CD.

This cable is compatible with programs such as TunerPro and TunerPro RT.


What is needed to monitor my engine?
There are 3 things needed to access the diagnostic data stream from a GM based On Board Diagnostic 1 ( OBD1 ) system on your 1982 - 1995 car or truck.
1 - A laptop PC with an available USB port (USB Version) or Serial port (This version)
2 - This ALDL to serial cable
3 - A software program running with the correct stream definition for your car or truck

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