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ALDL Bluetooth

12 Pin Connector

16 pin connector

Holden/Commodore Connector

ALDL to Bluetooth

Available in 12 USA,16 USA or AUS, or 6 pin Holden/Commodore AUS versions 

Connect to your OBD1 GM vehicle wirelessly

12 Pin ALDL - GM 82-93 & some 94-95  Supports both 160 Baud Pin E and 8192 Pin M protocols.  Used mainly in US GM vehicles.
16 Pin ALDL - GM Some 94-95 sometimes known as OBD1.5.  Used both in the USA and AUS GM vehicles.
6 Pin Holden/Commodore - Used only in Australian GM vehicles.

NOTE - Your diagnostic software must be able to receive the data stream as 9600 baud.  Instructions are included on how to implement this with TunerPro/TunerPro RT

NOTE - A laptop with bluetooth compatibility is needed to receive the signal.

12 Pin ALDL - The module will power from most cars using the ALDL Pin G.  For cars without a pin G power source a separate power plug is provided.  The module can also be powered via USB power.

16 Pin ALDL - The module will require switched power on Pin 16

6 Pin Holden - The module runs off of the Fuel Pump Power test line on Pin G

This module is compatible with programs such as TunerPro and TunerPro RT.

Use it with your Android device - Works with ALDLdroid!

ALDLdroid sold separately - Check compatibility with your android device before purchasing.

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What is needed to monitor my engine?
There are 3 things needed to access the diagnostic data stream from a GM based On Board Diagnostic 1 ( OBD1 ) system on your 1982 - 1995 car or truck.
1 - A laptop PC with an available USB port (USB Version), Serial port (serial version) or bluetooth (this version)
2 - Either an ALDL cable, or this ALDL bluetooth adapter
3 - A software program running with the correct stream definition for your car or truck

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